Inspection Camera Installation Procedures


  • USB Converter

    Software and Driver Installation;

    Insert your CD into the CD/DVD drive. Click Ok from the Auto Run popup box. Once the software installation box pops up, select Install Driver. May ask you to insert software license. The license number will be on the CD's envelope or on the CD itself. Press enter when done. The software installation box will reappear. Select Install Studio software. When done, your computer will need to be rebooted. After your computer is rebooted completely. Select the Ulead/video icon. Once it's loaded, select the Capture tab across the top. Now select the Capture video camera picture. A few boxes or selections will appear. Select source. You should see SMG Grabber. Select that option. You may receive a box that says selecting resources. After that's selected, wait a few secondes and you should see your camera video. Select the video capture destination (where to save it on your pc.). You do not have to use Ulead's Video Capture software. You may use any Video Editing application you like. However, you do need to install the driver that matches your Operating System or the driver will not supply your video to your computer.

  • Directly Connect to a TV, or monitor:

    No software is needed. Plug the end of the cables RCA male plug into your TV's RCA yellow jack. You'll need to change the channel to either Video In, Aux 1, etc. The power from the camera must be connected to either the battery holder (with batteries) or the AC/DC converter (and plug that in).

  • Connect using a Portable DVD player with an Inline AV (input):

    Add the Auxilliary adapter to the yellow RCA jack at the end of your cable. Then plug that into the Portable DVD players AV in or Input jack. Make sure your Portable DVD Player is fully charged or plugged into a proper wall outlet. Your Portable DVD player may also have a switch to select from DVD to Input. The Camera must have either the Battery holder or AC/DC Adapter plugged into the power jack.


7" Monitor

USB Video Converter

12 Volt Battery Pack

AC/DC Converter